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Time for change

Building on Sustainable Ground

Combining economic and ecological added value - sounds too good to be true? Not at all. These two components do not have to be mutually exclusive. On the contrary! We want to bring the two together, because it is clear to us that you can't have one without the other. Especially in the real estate industry. The time is ripe. The time is now.

Moving what seems immovable

Building on a Movement

Let's not kid ourselves: The real estate industry is a tanker that is difficult to move. But we try anyway. Because we can only make a difference if we move. This requires backbone, passion and attitude. And we demonstrate all of this - every day.

Built on Trust

Ralf F. Bode

Founder agradblue & Managing Director

Ralf F. Bode, architect and real estate economist, conceived the formation of agradblue in 2009 and has been working continuously on the further development of the company ever since. As a Senior Auditor of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), he is a member of the DGNB's Technical Committee and Real Estate Advisory Board. He advises on ESG issues and is active in the AHO Commission on Sustainability, Innovation and Climate Protection.

Yama Mahasher

Managing Director Westbridge & agradblue

Yama Mahasher is Managing Director at Westbridge and also at the wholly owned subsidiary agradblue. The business graduate previously held the position of COO Germany & Head of Operations Central Europe at Jones Lang LaSalle. He is now responsible for Corporate Development, Internationalization and Business Operations, which includes HR, IT and Communication & Marketing.

Patrick Lange

Director Sustainability

Patrick Lange is responsible for sales and the development of innovative consulting products relating to ESG & Smart Building. In addition to key account and major project management, this also includes representing agradblues in the professional community. In addition to CA Immo, his previous professional experience includes companies such as Bilfinger Berger, ECE and Ernst & Young Real Estate. He is also VP Finance on the board of CoreNet Global.

Company history & milestones

Building on History

Founding of atmograd┬░ GmbH as an office for project management and green building certification

Founding of agradblue┬░ GmbH as a joint venture of atmograd GmbH and
pbr AG - additional services: building physics and facade consulting

Paris Agreement on Sustainable Development Goals, EU regulation lays the foundation for rapid growth

Development of data analysis and decarbonization tools, application of the portfolio approach - presentation of the Real Estate Manager Award 2019 in the sustainability category

Westbridge Advisory takes over the shares of pbr AG - streamlining the service portfolio, portfolio certification construction replaces physics & facade

Westbridge Advisory takes over the remaining company shares, advisory teams are combined and agradblue┬░ is created in its current form

Building on Mission

Our job is not just a profession, but also a vocation. We get up in the morning to make the real estate world more sustainable. For our customers and for future generations. With liveable spaces and clear sustainability visions. Doesn't just sound like us, but also like you? Then this way!

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