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Here you find all legal information about using this website

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63571 Gelnhausen


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Mail: mail@metakolor.de


The website https://agradblue.com/en is part of the WWW and accordingly linked to external websites, which may change. The external websites are not under the responsibility of agradblue. Consequently, agradblue does not assume any liability for the external websites linked to https://agradblue.com/en. Links that lead to external web projects can be recognized by the fact that a new browser window opens.


The contents of https://agradblue.com/en have been carefully checked and created to the best of our knowledge. Nevertheless, agradblue does not guarantee the completeness, timeliness, quality and accuracy of the content provided on https://agradblue.com/en. No responsibility can be accepted for damages resulting from reliance on or use of the content of this website.

Infringement of property rights

If you suspect that one of your property rights has been infringed by this website, please notify us immediately by e-mail mail@metakolor.de so that we can take remedial action as quickly as possible. Please note: The time-consuming involvement of a lawyer for the service provider's costly warning does not correspond to its real or presumed will. All trademarks and brands mentioned here are registered as such and are the property of the respective rights holder.

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We are not willing or obliged to participate in dispute resolution proceedings before a consumer arbitration board.


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