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Built for Your Purpose

Individual measures or all-round carefree packages to make your properties and portfolios sustainable? No problem! We pursue a clear approach to making real estate fit for the future and thus counteracting climate change - with tailor-made solutions or comprehensive service packages tailored to your needs.
We take climate protection seriously. We are believers.

In Data we trust

ESG Data Management

How is your building performing? Good or bad? To find out, ESG key figures in particular need to be recorded and made reportable in the next step. Decarbonizing buildings, ensuring competitiveness and avoiding stranded asset risks - this can only be achieved with clean data sets and up-to-date consumption data from CO₂ and energy to waste and water consumption. We help you to ensure exactly that. And not just on our own, but with our partner QUANTREFY.

Measuring Sustainability

Put it to the acid test

ESG Due Diligence

It doesn't matter whether it's a new or old building - you need the right decision-making basis for both large and small investments. To enable you to identify and evaluate existing risks and opportunities for your property in advance, we check your assets and portfolios for carbon footprint, taxonomy compliance and climate risk criteria.

Check & optimize

Being measured

Building Certifications

Showing what has already been achieved - that is just as important as embarking on the path towards sustainability in the first place. Green building certifications according to nationally and internationally recognized benchmarks are therefore indispensable when it comes to comparability and transparency of buildings. Whether BREEAM, DGNB, LEED or SmartScore and WiredScore - we support you in making the right certification decision and put the seal on the wall.

Certify your Building

Optimize performance, create sustainability, save budget

Asset Performance

Lights on, taps on, heating on – energy is consumed in one way or another in every building. Where the energy comes from and where it goes can make a big difference. We are no strangers to district heating, photovoltaics, e-mobility and metering concepts. Our sustainability experts provide advice on energy procurement and energy infrastructure.

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